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Puget Sound is in trouble. . .  

You are the solution
Together, we can fix it.

Edmonds enjoys just over 5 miles of shoreline on Puget Sound.  The city itself covers nearly 9 square miles.

The vast majority of rainfall and snowmelt in the city results in flowing stormwater as it moves downhill by way of a few natural streams and a large network of over 8000 storm drains and underground pipes.

This drainage system ends at several points on the Sound, carrying with it any pollutants picked up along the way.  Many of the city residents may be unknowingly adding to this pollution through common everyday activities like driving our vehicles or working in one's yard.

The Puget Sound Starts Here awareness campaign makes the connection between common activities and the health of the Sound and offers ways for us to be part of the solution in making the Sound cleaner.


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Puget Sounds Starts Here





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Low Impact Development


Storm Drain Stenciling


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Streamside Stewardship


Outreach Resources


Car Washing in Edmonds

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