Parks and Recreation
 (As of October 21, 2020) All City of Edmonds parks, trails and open spaces are open for public use EXCEPT playgrounds. Rental facilities such as picnic shelters and athletic fields are available, but have group size restrictions. The Frances Anderson Center remains closed to the public. 

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

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All City of Edmonds parks, open space, beaches, trails and restrooms are open.  Playground are scheduled to reopen in Phase 3; picnic shelter rentals remain on hold until further notice. 

Visitors are asked to “Keep it Moving!” – use the parks, trails and beaches for walking, running, riding, and rolling. No congregating in parking lots or trailheads and no team sports or pick-up games on ballfields (youth practice is allowable in phase 2).

The health and safety of residents and Parks employees is paramount, and we will continue to monitor our parks, beaches and trails to ensure that that visitors are following physical distancing and other public health guidelines.

We’ve continued doing the essential work of caring for our system, but know that there will be trails and other areas needing attention. As you start to explore our parks please help us by reporting crowding, areas that need attention, or other issues by emailing

The current status of park and recreation amenities:
Amenity Status
Ballfields Open – available to rent for practice in phase 2
Basketball/Tennis/Sport Courts (outdoor only) Open 
Beaches Open
Frances Anderson Center Closed - scheduled to reopen phase 3
Fields Open – no organized activities, except athletic rentals
Fishing Pier Open
Meadowdale Clubhouse Closed - until further notice. Preschool is operating. 
Off Leash Dog Area (Marina Beach Park) Open
Parking Lots Open
Picnic Shelters (Hickman Park & City Park) Rentals Closed - restricted until further notice
Playgrounds Closed - scheduled to reopen phase 3
Plaza Room Rentals Closed - restricted until further notice
Permanent Restrooms Open

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How will Parks adapt its operations to make sure employees are protected? 

Under the guidance of our public health experts, the City of Edmonds has decided that certain facilities will remain closed until we reach phase 3, such as the Frances Anderson Center and playgrounds, both to protect visitors as well as our Parks employees.   

We have adapted our operational protocols to adjust to the current circumstances in ways that protect our employees and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Some of these measures include:  
  • Operations and maintenance employees have been issued disposable gloves, face coverings and hand sanitizer.  
  • We are encouraging physical distancing among employees by: Contractors performing work at Parks-owned sites are required to update and implement Health and Safety Plans to reflect COVID-19 prevention measures.
  • Adjusting work shifts to decrease the number of employees in the maintenance shop/office at the same time 
  • Sanitizing tools, equipment and vehicles after use 
  • Performing only necessary maintenance work to protect city parks and facilities while providing city employee and the public’s safety.

When will you resume full operations? 
We are taking a phased approach to re-opening. We will monitor use, encourage park and trail visitors to recreate responsibly, and continue to make informed decisions based upon the COVID-19 data and guidance from our public health experts. Our decisions about re-opening and returning to full operations depends in part on visitors practicing safe distancing and following public health guidelines and are based on the State of Washington’s Phased Approach to Reopening. 

At this time, we are taking reservations for scheduled use such as team practices.  Games, and organizaed activities are not authorized at this time. Reservations for Picnic Shelters and room rentals will resume once Snohomish County reaches Phase 3. Rentals will not be authorized until phase 4 is reached. For more information on park amenities and scheduled opening dates please see our "PLAY IT SAFE" PLAN (revised 7/30/2020).

We will continue to update this page as conditions evolve. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date about any changes in Parks’ operations. 

The ballfields are open, so can my team get together to practice? 
The ballfields are open for informal recreation with the members of your household and for team practices (with field rental). Enjoy your time, but please limit your stay so others may enjoy the fields as well. 

Team sports are authorized for practice only. Pick-up games, competitions or other organized activities are on hold at this time. The Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order remains in effect and we urge people to keep it moving, using our parks for walking, running, riding, rolling, and passing through.  

We are currently taking taking reservations for sports team practice in Phase 2. Reservations for competitions and other events is on hold until Phase 3 is achieved in Snohomish County. 

Will Yost Pool and the Hazel Miller Spray Park at City Park be open this Summer?
Unfortunately, neither Yost Pool nor the Hazel Miller Spray Park opened in Summer 2020, we hope to re-open them in Summer 2021 but it will depend on the guidance recieved at that time. 

There are so many dogs on our beaches, who can we call? What can we do?
We do not encourage people to assume the role of enforcement due to the risk of escalating conflict. Instead, when you witness a dog on the beach please call an Animal Control officer to report the infraction at the time it is occurring. They appreciate being made aware of the extent of problem to help them develop a strategy to best address it. Their phone number is (425) 775-3000. 

As a reminder, Dogs are allowed in Edmonds Parks but they must remain on a leash and must stay off playgrounds, sports fields and the beaches. Edmonds Off Leash Dog Park is open.

How are you enforcing social distancing requirements and will you close if people aren’t following the guidelines?  
Currently, we do not have the resources to enforce social distancing at all our parks and trails. We encourage people to recreate responsibility to keep each other safe and help keep parks, beaches and trails open. Please do your part to help save lives and slow the spread of the virus! 

We will monitor use, encourage park and beach visitors (through on-site signs and social media) to recreate responsibly, and continue to make informed operational decisions based upon the COVID-19 data and guidance from our public health experts. 

If further COVID-19 concerns develop, we may close parks and beach’s with limited notice to protect public health. 

Where can I report if I see crowding, congregating, or other issues in parks or along trails? 
Please report crowding, areas needing attention, or other issues by sending an email to:  

Tips to Recreate Responsibly:
  1. Keep your distance – Recreate with those in your household. Give others plenty of room and communicate who will step aside on the trail (trail etiquette gives hikers coming uphill the right of way). 
  2. Stay local– Don’t stray too far from home when recreating. Keep rural communities safe by minimizing stops and bringing all that you’ll need for your outing. 
  3. Keep it moving– Use parks and trails for walking, running, riding, rolling, and passing through. 
  4. Plan ahead – And be prepared to go somewhere else if your destination seems crowded. Bring some hand sanitizer and a face covering.
  5. Play it safe – Keep your activities within your comfort and skill level to reduce the risk of injury and adding to the strain on our health care and emergency services. 
  6. Leave no trace Take any garbage with you, including disposable face masks and gloves.