Note:  The City's online codes are updated quarterly, so they may not reflect all recent amendments. Please check the list of ordinances for relevant code amendments before relying on the online codes. Feel free to contact the City Clerk with any questions.

arrow-b To read an online version of the Edmonds City Code and the Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC).

arrow-bTo find codes for other Washington cities and counties, visit Municipal Research's Washington City Codes page, or their City and Town Profiles.

Listed below is a table of contents for the Code Books to assist you in quickly finding what you are looking for. We also have a listing of the current building codes adopted by the City.


City Code


Community Development Code (ECDC)

Title 1: General Provisions   Title 15: Land Use Plans & Policies
Title 2: City Officials & Personnel   Title 16: Zone Districts
Title 3: Revenue & Finance   Title 17: General Zoning Regulations
Title 4: Licenses   Title 18: Public Works Requirements
Title 5: Public Safety & Morals   Title 19: Building Codes
Title 6: Health & Sanitation   Title 20: Review Criteria & Procedures
Title 7: Utility Charges & Regulations   Title 21: Definitions
Title 8: Traffic   Title 22: Design Standards
Title 9: Streets & Sidewalks   Title 23: Natural Resources
Title 10:  Boards & Commissions   Tables: Ordinance Table

City Clerk's Office

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