When will my road be resurfaced?

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When will my road be resurfaced?



Every two years, the City completes a pavement rating survey of each local, collector, and Arterial Street. This information is compiled in a list with each segment ranked based on its individual pavement rating score, ranging from 1 to 5 (best to worst). The City can then determine which segments are most in need of overlay.

No actual overlays have taken place since 2009 due to budget constraints and none are currently scheduled. The City’s desired overlay cycle for arterial/collector streets is 20 years, and 30 years for local (residential) streets. If the City were able to maintain this paving frequency the condition of our streets would be sustainable. We have, however, not been able to do that with available revenues. We have in fact not paved any streets with local money since 2008. We were only able to pave portions of  Dayton and 212th in 2009 using one-time federal stimulus funding. If current funding levels are not changed the entire paving program will remain inactive. Under that scenario the only paving taking place would be done by the Water, Sewer, or Stormwater Departments after they tear up streets for a pipeline project. These efforts would not, of course, be sufficient to make up for the absence of a formal overlay program.

Based on the most recent pavement rating data from 2010, 30% of all our City streets are listed as being in poor or severe condition (click on map below). This percentage will continue to increase as long as the overlay frequency doesn’t improve. A more detailed pavement rating study will be completed in 2012. The City continues to look for grant opportunities and new funding sources to improve City streets and expand the paving program. This issue remains the City’s top transportation issue.  

For further information, please call the Engineering Division at 425-771-0220.

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