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              WELCOME TO EDMONDS PD!

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Current Authorized Positions: 58
Today: Recruiting for 4 positions!

The City of Edmonds and our 42,000 residents are at the center of a metropolitan area with a population of nearly 157,000.  We are located just off Interstate-5 and three miles north of Seattle; Edmonds shares the dynamics and challenges of a large city but is still recognized as one of the safest communities in the region. With scenic views of the Olympic Mountains, Edmonds offers Puget Sound access and a family-friendly downtown. 
Learn more about our city here: City of Edmonds, WA

The Edmonds Police Department uses for initial candidate testing. Entry and Lateral candidates must take a written exam and physical ability test to be eligible for employment.  Public Safety Testing provides the written test in all 50 States!



Why the Edmonds Police Department?

  • A great community to Live AND Work in
  • A fun, welcoming, and rewarding atmosphere
  • Outstanding community support  
  • Ongoing Training & professional development opportunities
  • Numerous Specialty Assignment Opportunities (K9, SWAT, ALERT, etc)
  • Free Gym Membership (Harbor Square Athletics Club)
  • Contemporary uniform options, well-maintained vehicles, and state-of-the-art equipment
  • City contributing MEBT retirement (6.2%) and Deferred Compensation (4%).
  • 12-hour 4-On/4-Off Patrol shifts
  • Officers receive 254 hours of guaranteed time off (in addition to your regular days off) each year without using vacation or sick time! OR, sell up 63% of that time back each year (between $5k-$7k) and still have 94 hours (or two work weeks) off!   


Excellent Pay & Benefits!

Starting Salaries:

  • Entry Level - $66K

  • Lateral Officer - $80K + Applicable Incentives

  • 100% of Medical Premiums paid for Employee
     90% of Medical Preimiums paid for Dependents


Top Salary:

  • Not Including Incentives - $88K


Incentive Benefits Include:

  • Education

    • Associates Degree or 90 Credit Hours = 2%

    • Some College (135+ Credit Hours) = 4%

    • Bachelor's Degree or Higher = 6%


  • Physical Fitness

    • Yearly PAT = 1.5%


  • Specialties

    • Detectives = 4%

    • K9 = 3%

    • Motors = 3%

    • Narcotics = 3%

    • Street Crimes = 4%

    • Plus many more ancillary assignments


  • Longevity (Increasing Percentages over time)

    • 5 Years = 3%

    • 10 Years = 5%

    • 15 Years = 7%

    • 20 Years = 9%



For more information, please email Sgt. Josh McClure or call at (425) 275-4615.


The City of Edmonds is an equal opportunity employer.  All applicants must be twenty-one (21) years old and a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States; have a high school diploma or equivalent; valid Washington State Vehicle Operator's license with no pending risk of loss; ability to read and write the English language. Applicants must have maintained sufficient physical agility to be able to perform the usual and regular duty assignments of a police officer.

Get to know more about working at EPD!


The Lateral Officer Opportunity


The New Officer and Your New Career


Our Mission:


We place service above self, with an unwavering and unbiased commitment to public safety, improving the quality of life for our community.

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