Mayor's Conservation Advisory Committee

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Advise the Mayor on community stewardship actions in Edmonds to conserve wildlife habitat, and enhance healthy air, land and water.

Focus Issues
- Preserving and restoring natural areas        
- Enhancing wildlife corridors and habitat
- Improving and expanding greenbelts and tree canopy
- Improving aquatic habitat in streams and wetlands
- Reducing impacts of pollution and stormwater
- Promoting Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Landowners
- Educating the Public on our Natural Resources

Committee Members
Marjie Fields
Lora Hein
Deborah Hopkins
Alan Mearns
Denise Miller

Joe Scordino
Kathleen Sears
Erin Zackey

City Council representative
Susan Paine

Mayor's Conservation Advisory Committee Info



Mayor's Conservation Advisory Committee

Contact Information:
Angie Feser, Director
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department
Telephone: (425) 771-0343

Jennifer Leach, Program Coordinator
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department
Telephone: (425) 771-0227


Meeting Information

The Mayor's Conservation Advisory Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month. Due to COVID-19, meetings will be conducted via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 914 0731 8186
Password: 728285