Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development (LID)

sustainability-01 smLow impact development is a term used to describe a land planning and engineering approach to managing stormwater runoff.  LID emphasizes conservation and use of on-site natural features to protect water quality.   Examples of LID techniques include pervious pavements, rain gardens, bioswales, etc.  The City encourages the use of LID where feasible.  The following list of resources may be helpful when designing your LID project:

g-arrow Stormwater Supplement to Code - Chapter 3 - Low Impact Development
g-arrow Soils Map
g-arrow City of Edmonds Permeable Pavement Policy
g-arrow Department of Ecology - LID Resources webpage
g-arrow Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington - June 2013 (96 pages - Publication Size: 19.22MB)

AWC Award

The City of Edmonds won an Association of Washington Cities Municipal Excellence Award for its Sustaining Edmonds program.


Click here for more information on the city's programs that led to the award. Click here to view the press release announcing the award.