Fall 2020

CCruz croppedOn November 2, 2020 the City of Edmonds will lose a significant member of our city family. Cindi Cruz, 38 year veteran of the City, will retire. For those of us who have had the honor to work alongside Cindi it will be a bittersweet day because while we know how well-deserving she is of this new chapter in her life, we will dearly miss her calm, her wit, her graciousness her work ethic, her guidance and her friendship.

Cindi has spent the last 27 years here at the City in the Community Services/Economic Development Department where, she has made a name for herself as a dedicated and compassionate employee, workmate, and citizen liaison. This statement, from former Community Services/Economic Devleopment Director Stephen Clifton, shows the depth of Cindi's commitment to the City of Edmonds and the Edmonds Community...

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Cindi for 14 years while at the City of Edmonds. During that time, I witnessed someone who served the residents of Edmonds with dedication, integrity, patience and humor. As part of a two-person office, it could often be quite challenging working on multiple complex projects at the same time, but she was committed to making sure tasks were completed on time, no matter how long it took. She was instrumental in the successful launch of Edmonds Center for the Arts having worked with the Edmonds Public Facilities District, Mayor, City Council, city staff and community members to help raise funds and work on planning efforts related to constructing the center. She was also part of a team that worked on the Sound Transit/Community Transit Station; lower UNOCAL Yard clean-up efforts; removal of the old UNOCAL Pier; creation of a 4th Avenue Arts Corridor; Hazel Miller Plaza; economic development related projects; planning projects, etc. She attended countless commission, committee and board meetings, many of which lasted late into the evening. Cindi is one reason Edmonds residents and visitors are able to enjoy significant and smaller community amenities and programs. I believe her guidance, support, and positive approach to working on projects and programs will be missed.

Thank you Cindi; I am honored and blessed to have worked with you. I truly hope your retirement days are filled with much happiness, relaxation, peace and time spent with loved ones."

There are no words to fully express the impact Cindi has had on the staff and the citizens of Edmonds. We thank her for her service, wish her all the best, and want her know how much her presence in our lives has meant to us and the community!

A zoom retirement send-off is being planned, for more information please contact Megan Luttrell or Carolyn LaFave.

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