MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020: Governor Inslee "Stay Home Stay Healthy" Order For business related inquiries please call 425.275.4823
City Council Meetings under Gubernatorial Proclamation 

Updated April 7, 2020

The City has taken hundreds of calls about what is and is not allowed under the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.


Why is the gate on Marina Beach closed?
Marina Beach is closed to prevent large gatherings of people in that space. A couple weeks ago, thousands of people were at the beach in violation of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

Can I walk on the beach at Brackett’s Landing?
The parking lots are closed to reduce the number of people who access the beach. The beach is still open and we are counting on visitors to observe the six feet social distancing rules. If beaches get too crowded and people aren’t observing the social distancing rules, then we will take a second look at the situation. Help us out and stay six feet apart. 

Are parks open?
Edmonds Parks are open. The Stay Home, Stay Healthy orders requires that you stay six feet apart. Playground equipment, bathrooms, sport courts and the skate park are closed.

What does, “If you take the car, it’s too far” mean?
We aren’t telling people to stop driving. We are encouraging people to visit local parks to spread out park visits across many parks. We are discouraging large groups of people at one park where it will be difficult to observe social distancing.

Can I go for a walk?
Yes. Remain six feet apart from walkers who are not members of your current household.


I am a small independent business owner and my business is considered non-essential, but I see other business owners in my line of work violating the order and conducting business.
The state asks people to voluntarily comply. If you are concerned about a violation, you may file a complaint through the governor’s violation reporting site and it will be addressed through that system.

If I am doing essential services work and park my truck out front and someone calls the Police, will I be ticketed?
We are instructing the public not to call the Police if they see what they believe is nonessential business activity. However, if the Police were called and were to respond, they would focus on informing the workers about the Governor’s Order and seek voluntary compliance, not on tickets.

What help does the City provide small business during this time?

  • The City, the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and other groups have created an online business directory called We encourage residents to buy takeout, delivery and/or ‘buy forward’ by purchasing local gift cards to be used when businesses reopen. You can add your business to the site by using the “Submit Now” form at the bottom of the page.
  • A companion site is a resource for local businesses, visitors, and residents.
  • The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce has an outstanding website with links and other support systems, including information about COVID-19 specific loans and grants. Please check out their website.
  • The Edmonds Chamber Foundation has expanded the scope and capacity of the Foundation’s WISH Fund (When Inconvenient Stuff Happens) to award small grants to local businesses seeking professional services that will aid in their resiliency during and beyond this unprecedented interruption. Learn more and apply here. Donate here

Can I go to work and pick up a few things?


Can I do commercial janitorial cleaning?
Yes. If it a single person and the clients are not present.


The list of essential workers as defined by the Governor’s order. If the activity is safety-related, then it could be considered essential. This is the general approach to this order

My neighbor has a large gathering in violation of the social distancing order.
If it concerns you, you may consider reminding them of the order. Otherwise, you can call the Edmonds Police non-emergency number 425.407.3999

My neighbor has non-essential people coming to her house to do remodeling work.
It’s difficult to determine the difference between non-essential and essential work if we can’t see it. For example, if it is a safety-related issue, it is essential. But if you are concerned about this, please call the Edmonds Police non-emergency number 425.407.3999

My neighbor has landscapers at his house, is this allowed?

Generally no. The Governor’s Order states that outdoor maintenance is only allowed when necessary to prevent spoliation, avoid imminent damage, or address emergency repairs.

Can my landlord evict me?
The City passed an ordinance on March 24, going into effect that day, that applies to both commercial properties and residents that prevents eviction for 60 days. Businessowners, residents, and property owners are encouraged to communicate about this issue.

Other questions

I have a question that isn’t answered here.
Please contact us via the community liaison portal.

Helpful Links 

  1. Small Businesses Association Disaster Loan Assistance | Apply Online
  2. Washington State Department of Commerce COVID-19 Information for Businesses: WSDOC
  3. Employment Security Department Information for Workers & Businesses Affected by COVID-19 | ESD | Eligibility
  4. Coronavirus and DOL Services | DOL

TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2020: Mayor Nelson updates residents and businesses on COVID-19 information | Press Release

MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020: Emergency Administrative Order from Judge Coburn regarding daily business operations of Edmonds' Court | Effective immediately all court hearings except for in-custody jail hearings are continued until further notice ~ Order No. 23

FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020: Mayor Mike Nelson announces more closures of City facilities in response to rising cases of COVID-19 in our community and to help slow the spread of the virus. | Press Release | see updated closures below

FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020: Emergency Administrative Order form Judge Coburn regarding daily business operations of Edmonds' Court | Order No. 22 | EDM-CrRLJ 3.4(c)

THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2020: Mayor Mike Nelson Declares Emergency over COVID-19 Outbreak | Press Release | 030520_Emergency_Proclamation.pdf


  • Effective Tuesday, March 17 City of Edmonds' park playground equipment is closed
  • Effective Tuesday, March 17 all facilities at City Hall and Public Works will be closed to walk-in customers. The Development Services Department will provide permit assistance by appointment only. Staff in all departments will continue to support residents via email and telephone for all other services.
  • Effective Saturday, March 7 all City of Edmonds recreation programs and rentals are canceled for a minimum of 2 weeks. The following City facilities will be closed to the public: Frances Anderson Center, Meadowdale Clubhouse (and preschool), and the Edmonds Plaza Room. These closures have been extended to Monday, April 27th.
  • Effective Thursday, March 5: All City-sponsored, nonessential meetings or gatherings will be canceled unfil further notice.
  • Effective Thursday, March 5 all Edmonds Senior Center programs and activities have been suspended until further notice
  • Updated information from Snohomish Health District can be found on their blog here


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Information provided by Snohomish Health District WWW.SNOHD.ORG

More information

For concerns over potential violations of Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order:

If you have concerns about public gatherings, feel free to kindly remind people of the Governor’s ban on gatherings and encourage them to disperse. If a gathering persists, call the Edmonds Police non-emergency number: 425.407.3999.

If you have concerns about construction work that appears to be nonessential, contact Development Services Director Shane Hope at

Local Businesses
If you have concerns that a non-essential local businesses is open and operating, use this State online reporting form. On the left side of this sheet is a link to “essential business” definitions.  

Permitting Information
Questions about permits and the permitting process can be found on this page, which is regularly updated. You may also call Development Service at 425.771.0220.