Auto Repair - Waste Reduction Tips

Reduce waste in the following ways:
•    Replace single use paper car seat/floor cover protectors with reusable cloth covers from a laundry service or reusable plastic covers.
•    Use refillable and pressurized spray cans (e.g., brake cleaners, lubricants, engine degreasers).
•    Buy products in bulk (oil or antifreeze) or that are concentrated, durable, repairable, and/or recyclable, making sure that you need all you are ordering.
•    Discourage the printing of emails.
•    Set copier/printer defaults to double-sided.
•    Use computer fax modems that allow faxing directly from computers without printing.
•    Eliminate fax cover sheets by using "sticky" fax directory notes.
•    Eliminate unnecessary forms, redesign forms to use less paper, or switch to electronic forms.
•    Use a bulletin board or routing lists for memos and journals to reduce printed copies.
•    Reduce all unwanted mailings:

  •      Eliminate duplicates by returning labels requesting all but one be removed.
  •      Reduce junk mail. Guidance and a PDF kit are at  Reduce catalogs at   
  •      Eliminate duplicates in your own mailing lists.

•    For new software, order only the number of manuals needed. Do the same with phone books. Encourage employees to share.
•    Design marketing materials that require no envelope – simply fold and mail.
•    Buy products in returnable or reusable containers.
•    Work with vendors to minimize packaging.
•    Eliminate the use of non-recyclable packaging, such as Styrofoam.
•    In the lunch/break room, replace disposables with permanent items (e.g., mugs, dishes, utensils, towels/rags, coffee filters, etc.) and use refillable containers for sugar, salt & pepper, etc. to avoid individual condiment packets.
•    Eliminate single-use plastic water bottles.
•    Centralize purchasing to eliminate unnecessary purchases and ensure all waste reduction purchasing policies are followed.
•    Use optical scanners, which give more details about inventory, for more precise ordering.
•    Lease, rather than purchase, computers and printers.

Reuse materials in the following ways:
•    Use reconditioned parts and components.
•    Print on previously printed paper, or designate a tray on printers as a “draft” tray.
•    Reuse office paper as scratch paper.   
•    Reuse envelopes by covering old addresses and postage, and affixing new.
•    Reuse paper or plastic packaging materials.
•    Designate a reuse area for office supplies such as binders, folders and staplers.   
•    Have your toner cartridges refilled for use.

Recycle the following materials:
•    Cardboard
•    Newspapers, office/mixed paper, junk mail
•    Glass bottles and jars
•    Metal cans
•    Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
•    Car seat cover and floor mats
•    Empty aerosol cans
•    Tires
•    Metal drums
•    Plastic buckets
•    Scrap metal
•    Pallets

Buy the following items with recycled content:
Purchasing products made from recycled materials conserves resources and is essential to support the recycling market.
•    Copier/printer paper    
•    Folders or other paper products
•    Envelopes
•    Letterhead
•    Business cards
•    Paper towels
•    Tissues
•    Toilet paper
•    Toilet seat covers
•    Garbage bags
•    Boxes or bags for retail use or shipping
•    Retreaded tires
•    Tire flaps
•    Recycled or remanufactured laser and copier toner cartridges
•    Carpet, carpet undercushion or floor mats
•    Remodeling/construction materials: cabinets, fixtures, ceramic and ceiling tiles, drywall, insulation, interior paneling, composite lumber/wood, roofing, concrete, etc.


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