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EnviroStars aims to help Washington businesses achieve environmental goals                       

enviro stars.jpgThe City of Edmonds is proud to announce that it has joined several Washington cities, counties and utilities to launch a revamped EnviroStars program, which brings together green business initiatives from around the region under one umbrella. The new EnviroStars program includes acentral web portal that allows businesses to find referrals for local sustainability services and incentives to start on a path to recognition. The program will also help small businesses connect with one another so they can learn from and support their peers.

The supercharged EnviroStars program replaces the City’s Green Business Pledge and provides a central hub for Washington businesses to receive assistance and recognition for saving energy and water, reducing waste and pollution, choosing safer products, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Consumers will use the EnviroStars directory to find businesses who share their environmental values – from restaurants and grocery stores, to hotels and auto body shops, and everything in between. They can also look for the EnviroStars mark on the storefronts of recognized businesses in their community.

Businesses that engage with EnviroStars will benefit by learning to operate more efficiently, strengthening their bottom line, improving employee health, and gaining recognition for environmental leadership.

We look forward to announcing our first businesses to be recognized under the EnviroStars program in the coming months!

To learn more or to get started, For businesses interested in joining the program, click on the “APPLY TO BE A GREEN BUSINESS” link at the top right. Our team can help you complete your application by phone or in person at your business. You can reach us at 206.343.8505 or 877.220.7827 (STAR) or
HSTFA housing website has been launched to let people know about a housing strategy that is being developed by the City of Edmonds. The website is can be found here.

The Housing Strategy will identify how the City can help increase the supply of affordable housing and meet diverse housing needs. A draft version is expected to be ready for public review in late spring.

Development of the housing strategy is one of the steps required in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Several months ago, a Housing Strategy Task Force was appointed by Mayor Dave Earling to recommend actions that could be incorporated into the strategy.

Since then, the Task Force has met three times. Meeting information is included on the City’s website.

“I’m excited about collaborating with people,” said City Council member Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, who also serves on the Housing Task Force. “We want to come up with a strategic set of actions the City can take to ensure more affordable housing—whether for moderate-income families or a whole range of folks who are struggling to pay for housing in our community.”

When a draft Strategy is ready, it will be posted on the City’s new website and discussed in public meetings.

“We are fortunate to have an excellent task force,” noted Shane Hope, the City’s Development Services director who is organizing the effort. “The members have different housing expertise, some from the public side, and some from the private side. I have no doubt they will come up with not just great ideas and goals, but real things the City can do or partner on to make a significant difference.”

The new website is meant to help people keep track of the housing strategy project, including task force meetings. On the website, anyone interested can sign up for email notices.

For more information, call 425-771-0220.

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