Summer 2016
Newsletter for Summer 2016
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Reflections on the 4th of July Parade

What brings a community together? Often times it is a celebration with which we can all identify. Is it the the Taste of Edmonds, the Arts Festival, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, or even our Saturday Market? The answer of course is, yes!

Even though we are a city of over 40,000 citizens, we are a community which pays attention to itself, takes great pride in itself, and wants to maintain our quality of life.

When my wife and I walked through our 4th of July Parade this year, I was overwhelmed with the sense of community we feel about ourselves. Let's face it, our parade is "small town"... and I say that with pride!

Thousands of people come together for a couple of hours to celebrate the United States birthday, see the pageantry, watch the young families and kids, and experience our sense of community which is Edmonds.

I'm just thankful to live in our community and I hope you feel the same. Enjoy the summer.


Mayor Dave Earling

The City’s new Green Resource Center is nearly ready for its Grand Opening on July 27, 1:00 pm, at Edmonds City Hall, 2nd floor. All are welcome to attend the event.

The Green Resource Center will provide displays and information about “green construction” and sustainability.   (Green construction refers to environmentally-friendly building techniques and materials.) Because the area is part of the City’s development permit center, it will be visited by many people.

The project started over two years ago, championed by then-City Councilmember Strom Peterson. Mr. Peterson, now a state representative, as well as Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling, will speak at the Grand Opening.


recycle logoThe City of Edmonds Recycling Program is seeking volunteers to come help at the 3-day Taste of Edmonds festival, taking place in downtown Edmonds on Friday through Sunday, August 12 to 14.

People are needed to fill 3-hour shifts to monitor activity at the designated recycling stations. The goal is to divert as much of the recyclables and food waste from going to the landfill as possible.

Volunteers will be able to enter the event for free, spend time at a fun festival, and help with the goal. The shift times are 10:30 to 1:30, 1:30 to 4:30, and 4:30 to 7:30. Experience is a plus, but learning the activity only takes a few minutes.

Please contact Steve Fisher at the City of Edmonds to sign up – 206-450-4836 or at Thanks!

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